The Compost King brand has been created by professional horticulturalists to bring gardeners at home the same high-quality composts the pros use to produce the highest quality plants and the best growth. Our premium blends are specially produced and formulated from entirely natural ingredients to maximise plant health and development. All Compost King recipes are closely guarded and have been specifically developed to ensure your compost is the best you can buy for your valuable plants.



All of our mixes are produced from the finest quality ingredients, most of our mixes contain a season long feed and the addition of Seaweed, with 60 trace elements & nutrients to ensure our compost has all the properties needed to encourage strong root development and strong vibrant plant growth. We are conscious of environmental concerns around composts too, so are extremely careful in sourcing our ingredients, to ensure any sites raw materials are harvested from are managed so they can naturally regenerate for future generations to use.



With Compost King Professional Grade Composts, gone are the days of weak and poor performing plants – as horticulturalists, we know that the best plants are produced when we first look at the compost and soil. There are plenty of super markets and bargain basement offers around for ‘growing media’, often filled with all sorts of low cost bulking out ingredients that deliver very little to the health of your garden and growth of your plants.



Garden centres have their multi-buy deals too, and sadly, over the years, this has resulted in lower quality composts entering the market, in decreasing pack sizes, with gardeners becoming frustrated at the performance of the plants they buy and plant in to these. Compost King goes against this and delivers premium quality products that will perform. You’ll only find Compost King branded composts on sale with specialist plant retailers and garden centres that really care about their plants thriving with their customers.



As gardeners ourselves, we believe you cannot buy a better compost, with the addition of seaweed, your plants will be supercharged. Tried against the rest, you will soon see the difference!